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Motorcycle Transport Service: The fundamental Basics of Shipping

motorcycle shipping companies
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Motorcycle Transport Service: The fundamental Basics of Shipping

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Motorcycle Transport Service: The fundamental Basics of Shipping

The general length and width of motorcycles need to be less than 40” wide and 96” long for optimal safety in shipping. Anything exceeding the aforementioned measurements will be addressed with special shipping procedures from a motorcycle transport service, as the equipment used to handle such vehicles cannot support the exceeding measurements.

A motorcycle shipping company must absolutely know the measurements and the weight of your motorcycle. The sooner you disclose this information to the company who handles the shipping the better you can secure a space right for your motorcycle. Reading through your original manual that comes with your bike can save you time as it usually has the weight and dimensions of your bike’s model. If you don’t have one, however, research online and see if your bike’s model have the exact specifications and measurements to be accurate.

Professional motorcycle transport company will definitely recommend that you try and completely drain the tank of your motorcycle. For safety reasons, the steering portion of your vehicle should be unlocked and any miscellaneous loose items should be collected or removed for optimal safety. You don’t need to give the key either, as motorcycles are moved by towing, rather than driving them inside the transport truck.

Shipping Motorcycles: Search and Compare Quotes

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Shipping Motorcycles: Search and Compare Quotes

Motorcycle shipping can be a hassle for motorcycle handlers who need to ship them immediately. Has it crossed your mind about how much it would take to simply ship a motorcycle? What’s the default motorcycle shipping cost from point A to point B? Motorcycle shipping quotes are designed in such a way that can help you compare figures and what can be affordable to you. Owning a brand name bike can be a great experience if you choose the right company to handle your bike.

Think about how far, where, and how many bikes you’d need to ship before asking a quote on a shipment. Also think about how readily prepared your motorcycles are for shipping. Is it ready? With Motorcycle shipping, it isn’t just shipping any other inanimate object. Motorcycles need special attention especially for loose parts and acceories that need to be fastened down. Any special needs for your motorcycle should be told to the company handling it.

A motorcycle shipping quote should include an expounded explanation as to a client should expect when shipping a motorcycle. A simplified plan lay out should keep a client well informed about the process and how much it will all cost. For the best and most accurate quote, make sure to include pick up and drop off locations as well as when the motorcycles are going to be shipped. Most shipping for motorcycles are usually done by ground shipping especially using enclosed trailers for traveling across country.

Motorcycle Shipping: Motorcycles Handling for Shipment

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Motorcycle Shipping: Motorcycles Handling for Shipment

Motorcycle shipping can be a tedious and prudent task that requires the knowledge of a professional. Two even more not so obvious thoughts that need to be addressed are whether or not you’d like to transport your motorcycle in an open or enclosed trailer to assure protection. Professionals recommend that motorcycles be shipped in an enclosed trailer for a great number of reasons.

Motorcycle movers: Covering your bases

Two great concerns for professional motorcycle movers include damage from road debris and theft of your motorcycle. The difference between an open trailer and a closed one is that on an open trailer, motorcycles are strapped down like an enclosed trailer except that people can see it. With an exposed bike the chances of it being stolen or damaged from weather conditions are also higher. It may not be sound to save a few hundred bucks to go without an enclosed trailer.

People can get very picky and anal with how spotless their bikes should be and having an enclosed trailer can help maintain their immaculate state. A professional motorcycle transporter will know that shipping it with the proper enclosed trailer will safely ship your motorcycle as the first day you had put it into the trailer. Such trailers can also be crated which may be mandatory for some carriers, strapped down, or a combination of the two. Both are safe options but one offers more protection and flexibility.

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